Facility Management

We offer a wide range of facility management services based solely on our client’s needs. We are committed to the co-ordination and functionality of our clients’ investment thus allowing our clients focus on their core businesses. Spanning from full management of facilities to maintenance works or emergency response, we guarantee prompt onsite response to resolve issues in a timely manner.

Our facility management program ensure that our clients’ real estate investment is running smoothly, efficiently and at peak performance. We are diligent in keeping records to help us track work orders, scheduling of subcontractors and inspections, processing of scheduled maintenance, and tracking of cost and budgets. Planned, scheduled, and preventative maintenance are tracked and set to reoccur on any timetable necessary, whether it be quarterly for power plant servicing, bi-annually for HVAC systems, or yearly for fire safety equipment maintenance. We employs local subcontractors to perform works whenever required.

We provide supervisory and quality control services to ensure optimum service delivery. Facilities Maintenance provides an ongoing proactive and preventive maintenance program to enhance operational efficiencies and effectiveness. This is accomplished through a balanced maintenance approach of utilizing in-house and outsourced contractors to optimize resources.

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