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property development

Property Development

We deliver property development services through our team of dynamic professionals with multidisciplinary competencies. These “end-to-end” services range from the project feasibility, concept and budget development, detailed design stages of the projects and spans through planning, monitoring and control services at the execution stages of the projects, thereby giving our range of clients “total...


Tenant – Renting in a Property

When something as important as your family’s comfort and productivity is at stake you can’t settle for any ordinary real estate consultant. The scope of real estate professionals who are passionate, knowledgeable, honest, and experienced, is fairly extensive. Thus, engaging the services of a competent professional depends basically on chance. Why consult with someone who does not fancy building a...


Owner – Renting out a Property

For every real estate investment the option of leasing or renting out some years in the useful life of the property is almost inevitable. This implies that the intrinsic but yet unique features of the property is handed over in trust to a third party who may or may not appreciate the relative value of your property. This experience can be unsettling for most property owners who are very concerned of their...


Seller – Selling a Property

Except for real estate developers who carryout residential developments for commercial purposes, selling a home can be traumatic and an emotional drain. Having to sell your home because: the kids are all grown-up and the home becomes impossible to maintain; there is need to relocate to another country or state; or, some financial obligations that can only be met through sale of your home, can be quite...

Buyer - Buying a Property

Buyer – Buying a Property

Buying a home is probably the biggest investment you will make with long term financial ramifications. Such a decision would require an informed judgment and good advice from a real estate professional. Before you decide on which agent to contact ask if they do all these: Schedule a meeting with the buyer at our office or at the buyer’s office whichever is the buyer’s preference. Ask the buyer...

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